Let me explain Cari Ann’s self-description. She is a director, photographer, dancer, choreography – a wide array of talents she brings to bear in all of her projects. She got tired of listing them all, so just calls herself a “wild artist.”
— The Department of Tangents, Nick Zaino
The event will also include the first fully-staged live performance of The Parksville Murders- The world’s first virtual reality opera...directed by Cari Ann Shim Sham* won Best VR Video at the NYC Indie Film Festival in 2017 and premiered online as featured content on SamsungVR. The piece is currently being featured on InceptionVR and JauntVR- two major VR distribution platforms.
— Broadway World Opera News Desk
It’s a real historical moment,” says Shim Sham. “Let the world have it and start healing because we need to talk about these things. This country needs to heal, and this is a step in that direction. [We need] to really talk about disparities between the blacks and whites and between everyone in this country and what we’re up against right now. We need to begin to be truthful about his situation.
— LA Dance Chronicle, LARA J. ALTUNIAN
Hinging on the music of Duke Ellington collaborator and civil rights activist Billy “Sweat Pea” Strayhorn, Rousseve’s nine-dancer troupe interprets Strayhorn’s music, pairing movement with period recordings, a contemporary score and a video backdrop designed by Cari Ann Shim Sham.
— Los Angeles Downtown News, Sean P. Thomas
The bare facts of the artist’s life are projected on a screen, with the music and movement — Roussève calls the dance style “Judson Church meets swing” — providing the resonance and meaning.
— LA TIMES, Scott Timberg
Further fueling high expectations is the involvement of Stardust collaborator video artist Cari Ann Shim Sham and a soundscore developed by d. Sabela grimes drawn from vintage recordings of Strayhorn’s songs.
— LA WEEKLY, Ann Haskins Sept 28, 2018
Roussève mixes his company’s expressive movement style with Cari Ann Shim Sham*’s bold video art and d. Sabela grimes’ jazz-infused sound design to explore the lesser-known aspects of arranger and activist Billy Strayhorn’s life.
— LA Times, Christina Campodonico
...video art by Cari Ann Shim Sham* gives the production a rich visual dynamic...This is Roussève’s third project with Cari Ann Shim Sham* (video), Chris Kuhl (lighting), and Leah Piehl (costumes); and his second with L. MSP Burns (dramaturgy), and d. Sabela grimes (sound design).
— Broadway World News Desk
Samsung VR Staff Picks for 2017 goes to Parksville Murders!
We have an inflatable dome that we’re using that has projected video imagery on it,” says Cari Ann Shim Sham*, Director of The Parksville Murders. “Inside the dome, the first thing you see is the monumental tub that is in the opera. There are also Watchers in the dome, “dead bodies” in the dome and lots of blood.
— Red Curtain Addict
The release will coincide with a special screening at Samsung VR Presents: An Evening in 360 in San Francisco on October 19th, which will include new operatic content from the series by Kamala Sankaram and Jerre Dye performed by Benjamin Bloomfield, with interactive video art projections by Cari Ann Shim Sham* and costumes by Ramona Ponce.
— Virtual Reality Reporter, Sept 27, 2017
Says Shim Sham* of the project: “We want to involve the audience, give them a role, allow them to make choices, and to be implicated in the scene, perhaps as a killer or as a witness, which serves as a greater metaphor for what is in our future of VR: being “watchers” of a new and addictive form of immersive media.”
— Broadway World
The Parksville Murders ” will be featured at the Future of StoryTelling conference in NYC from Oct. 6-8, following a series of viewings and installations at the Salem Horror Fest earlier this month. The piece, directed by Shim Sham and featuring music by Sankaram and libretto by Jerre Dye, will be produced by Shim Sham, Opera On Tap’s Anne Hiatt, and former Blue Man Group creative director Todd Perlmutter with VR production by Light Sail VR.
— Francisco Salazar, Opera Wire, Oct 11, 2017
Opera on Tap’s The Parksville Murders sounds like a true monster mash-up of genres and technology. Episode one debuts Friday, October 20, on the Samsung VR app on Gear VR with Controller and at samsungvr.com.
— Larry Greenberg, The Savy Screener, Oct 2, 2017
The Parksville Murders, Opera on Tap’s episodic Virtual Reality Opera Horror directed by Cari Ann Shim Sham* won Best Virtual Reality Film at the NYC Indie Film Festival
The engrossing video is the world’s first episodic horror opera crafted specifically for virtual reality and immerses the viewer into the front-row seat of a thrilling and cryptic virtual universe. Two young women wake up confused and terrified in a dark, music-filled world of incongruities and evil intentions, while strange “watchers” lurk in the shadows and slowly gather around the duo, ceremoniously awaiting their fate. One woman fights her way out, only to find that ‘out’ may be yet another illusion in this horrific, virtual atmosphere.
— Press Kitchen, May 19, 2017
Virtually Operatic
”The more I learned about VR the more I felt like it was an ideal place to present opera.” ~Anne Hiatt
— Opera America Magazine, Summer 2017 Issue
Experience The Parksville Murders, the world’s first episodic horror opera written specifically for virtual reality at the NYC Independent Film Festival! In Episode 1, two young women (Sarah and Corrine) wake up confused and terrified in a dark, surreal, music-filled world of incongruities and evil intentions, where strange watchers lurk in the shadows. Will they make it out alive?
— New York Opera Fest


Cari Ann Shim Sham, New Media Artist & Award Winning Filmmaker, Joins NYU Tisch Dance Faculty

"Cari Ann is tearing down boundaries in the arts, creating interactive and immersive film, sound, and physical objects for dance works that transcend the limits of space, time, and the human body,” said Sean Curran, chair of the NYU Tisch Department of Dance.  “I am pleased to welcome her to the Department of Dance at Tisch and incredibly excited for the role she will play in developing our students to be critical thinkers and fearless leaders who expand the language of dance and share its transformative power with world."

New Music Wrap Up: The Parksville Murders

"As I sat there watching, I felt a palpable sense of unease as the shadowy figures appeared on all sides, even behind me. And, thanks some cutting edge audio technology from HEAR360, the sound I heard changed depending on where I was looking. A very cool beginning to what will hopefully become an extended evening of immersive opera."-Peter Matthews, Feast of Music


directed by Cari Ann Shim Sham*, The Parksville Murders is a horror opera, created specifically for a virtual reality experience. How cool is that? Audiences can tune in with their VR technology of choice (more on that below), to get both an entirely new operatic experience, while being completely creeped out.
— Jenna Simeonov, Schmopera, Oct 17, 2016
Says Shim Sham* (Director) of the project: “We want to involve the audience, give them a role, allow them to make choices, and to be implicated in the scene, perhaps as a killer or as a witness, which serves as a greater metaphor for what is in our future of VR: being “watchers” of a new and addictive form of immersive media.
Opera on Tap is proud to announce its most innovative project yet: an episodic horror opera created for virtual reality entitled The Parksville Murders.
— https://www.musicalamerica.com/news/newsstory.cfm?storyid=37005&categoryid=5&archived=0
sand dancing is more about sweeping, rubbing motions; the feet tend to spend more time on the floor. “Shuffles, flaps, slides, chugs and pull-backs work really well with sand,” adds L.A. tapper Kenji Igus, who was featured in Cari Ann Shim Sham*’s 2011 documentary SAND.
— Maggie McNamara
Video artist Cari Ann Shim Sham* projects digital tableaus onto multiple surfaces overlapped by the dancer’s athletic shadows, placing technical rigor into a pixelated world.
— The Stage Review
For TROPHY the audience was positioned on one side with three video projectors grouped together downstage center in close proximity with the audience. Each projector was focused on one of the three blank walls. Blank yes, but soon to come alive with the extraordinary Video Art by Cari Ann Shim Sham*.
— Jeff Slatton, See Dance News
In honor of our new NACHMO Film Project, we have an interview with the fabulous Cari Ann Shim Sham.
— Jen Roit January 20, 2016

REDCAT NOW Festival takes final bow in closing weekend performances

From creeping creatures to dancing gym rats, the third and final weekend of REDCAT's New Original Works Festival kept performers and audience members on their toes. In an unexpected move, the evening began more like a rock concert...

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Topanga Film Festival 2015
Topanga Messenger

Unlike last year's overcast skies and intermittent thunderstorms, the 2015 Topanga Film Festival perfectly matched sunny and clear skies with its patrons and exhibits. A continuing streak from its inception 11 years ago...

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Post-Show Talk David Roussève /REALITY
Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival

Miss Shim Sham talks about creating video art for Stardust and marrying dance with technology at Jacob's Pillow youtu.be/AdazC21OfXA?t=4m5s

The MJDC is thrilled to announce the recipients of the 2014 CHIME Grants...

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RUTH Doesn't Live Here Anymore Reviews:
Various Publications

'Ruth Doesn't Live Here Anymore' memorializes modern dance's originswww.latimes.com/entertainment/arts/culture/la-et-cm-ruth-doesnt-live-here-anymore-20140611-column.html

Stardust Reviews:
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Two Seconds After Laughter wins Best Experimental Film Award at the Indie Grits Film Festival
Indie GritsApril 2013

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ODC's Pilot 62 first ever Dance For Camera with Mentor Cari Ann Shim Sham*
Mission Local
March 2013

Cari Ann Shim Sham* served as the Mentor for ODC's Pilot 62 program, overseeing six emerging San Francisco dance artists in bringing film to dance for the first time.

Read more at missionlocal.org/2013/03/odc-show-brings-film-to-dance-for-first-time/


ODC Show Brings Film to Dance for First Time missionlocal.org/2013/03/odc-show-brings-film-to-dance-for-first-time/

One Day on Earth Press Kit

First offerings at the DocuWeeks documentary showcase
Los Angeles Times
August 2011

Over the next three weeks, 17 feature and seven documentary shorts will qualify for Academy Award consideration via the International Documentary Assn.'s 15th annual DocuWeeks Theatrical Documentary Showcase. . . .

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Update on short film SAND, which screened at AFF 2010
Austin Film Festival blog
August 2011

SAND is screening as part of Docuweeks in Los Angeles Aug 19-25, which qualifies it for Academy Award Nomination!

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Short films showcased at DocuWeeks Film Festival Los Angeles
August 2011

In show biz vernacular the term, "shorts" is a reference to a short film as opposed a feature length one. In the case of the 15th Annual DocuWeeks Los Angeles Film Festival, there are several short films being presented for your consideration and the underlying theme . . .

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Cari Ann Shim Sham*'s Documentary About Tap-Dancing on Sand
LA Weekly Blogs
August 2011

That's L.A. tap dancer Kenji Igus, on the right, watching as his father, Darrow, releases a fistful of sand. Darrow is readying the stage for a "sand dance," . . .

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84th Oscar Documentary Short Updates (2011-2012 Awards Season) (7/13/11) 
Never Too Early Movie Predictions
July 2011

Here are today's rankings for the 84th Oscar Documentary Short race, with previous ranking shown in parenthesis after each entry.

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Cannes 2011 - Short Film Corner Preview
July 2011

It would be fair to say that you could easily spend the whole duration of 2011 Cannes Film Festival in the Short Film Corner.

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DocuWeeks will give 17 documentaries, 7 shorts a shot at Oscar
Los Angeles Times
July 2011

A batch of documentaries that have yet to secure theatrical distribution deals will be coming to a screen near you soon -- and will have the chance to score the ultimate filmmaking accolade: an Oscar.

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International Tap Association
May 2011

and will screen as a Finalist on Wednesday, May 18th at 10:30 - 12:30 in the American Pavilion Cannes Film Festival Emerging Filmmaker Showcase. . . .

Read more at https://www.tapdance.org/index.php?pid=178

Dance Camera West
May 2011

Local Los Angeles artist and filmmaker Cari Ann Shim Sham's short film SAND is going to Cannes! SAND was screened at Dance Camera West?s Dance Media Film Festival last year . . .

Read more at www.dancecamerawest.org/blog/2011/05/sand-heads-to-cannes/

Topanga Film Festival
May 2011

Dance is transformative, it has the ability to change lives through bonds that are not easily altered, dance has heart. The short documentary Sand, recently selected as a Finalist in the American Pavilion Emerging Filmmakers Showcase at Cannes, tells the story . . .

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May 2011

Los Angeles screen dance and dance filmmakers should be absolutely beside themselves with joy at the announcement that Cari Ann Shim Sham* is headed to Cannes. Her moving short film, SAND, has been invited to screen in The American Pavillion on May 18th, 10:30 AM. What does it take to get into the final 16 at the Pavilion?

Read more at afrological.com/dance-arts-breaking-international-news-sand-t


Susan Leigh Foster's new book cover features an image from My First Big Break
May 2011

What world has been constructed for dancing through the use of the term 'world dance'? What kinds of worlds do we as scholars create for a given dance when we undertake to describe and analyze it? This book endeavours to make new epistemological space for the analysis of the world's dance by offering a variety of new analytic approaches.

Buy it on Amazon


Portrait of a Dinner Guest: Cari Ann Shim Sham*, One Day on Earth
Idea Project
February 2011

Cari Ann Shim Sham* serves as the coordinator and lead writer of the Educational Tool Kits for One Day on Earth. Over 400,000 students received this free kit which outlines methods for capturing images and editing film. The kits were created to . . .

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deFineArtsLA Exclusive: So You Think You Can Dance With Elephants?
Fine Arts LA
May 2010

When I heard about choreographer Lionel Popkin's There's an Elephant in This Dance happening at the REDCAT this past weekend, complete with interpretive dance and elephant costumes, my imagination went wild. Dancing elephants! Sign me up!

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Dance Review: Lionel Popkin's 'There is An Elephant in This Dance' at REDCAT
Los Angeles Times
May 2010

Drunks allegedly see pink ones. The white ones of the species are hard to unload. Then there's the mascot of the Republican Party. We're talking elephants, those lovable beasts with steel-trap memories. . . .

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Bringing Sand to Light
February 2010

Cari Ann Shim Sham* started an advanced youth tap group called the Tappa Tappa Tappas while chair of the Dance Dept. at the Culver City Academy of Visual & Performing Arts. In 2003, the academy and the group drew the attention of a young man by the name of Kenji Igus who's father "played the hambone and could sand dance" as she would later find out . . .

Read more at https://www.tapdance.org/index.php?pid=311