Directing $2000/day

Cinematography/Photography  $1000/day | $150/hr

Video Art Design $175/hr | long term $3-10K+ based on project

Editing- $125/hr

Consulting- $250 flat fee for 2 hours, $125 hr for additional time

  • curriculum building
  • matching your project with the best technology
  • film concepts and production
  • feedback on artwork
  • feedback on writing for grants and job apps

Teaching/Workshops- $150/hr

Dancing with Devices

Designing Video Art for Isadora

Composition fro 360 Degree Still and Moving Images

Professional Development

Pre-Production, Production, Post Production


Curator for Dance Film, VR, & Interactive Media 

In her 11th year of curating/programming producing/directing for film festivals, Cari Ann has worked with short and feature length films for the Topanga Film Festival, Dance Camera West & Dances Made to Order in Los Angeles, Dance Films Association in NYC, and the Enroute online Film Festival. She recently curated feature and short films and an interactive dance and new media project for the Salamanca Festival in Tasmania, Australia. Currently she is putting together a Dance Film Showcase for the Topanga Film Festival, Feb 10-12, 2017.


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