on beyoncé (lady gaga & madonna) stealing choreography, plagiarism, and ownership/copyright issues and that lil' film called lemonade

art begets art, we often hear the phrase “it's all been done before”, and art is inspired by, recycled, recyclable and inspiring.  if someone takes a style and remounts that style, is it stealing?  if someone takes moves, and mixes them into a new sequence, is it plagiarism? does plagiarism only refer to writing? is a dance a form of writing? is dance a form that inherently breeds the art of "stealing"?

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Dancing with Devices

Allow me to introduce the thrilling concepts behind Dancing with Devices, my new course material for experienced based immersive learning in using technology with dance.

This course was spawned from a desire for something different in the way that I was teaching Dance for Camera in the University System.  I asked myself, why can’t anyone take a class like this, why is it only offered through formal institutions? Why am I talking so much and why aren’t we doing/dancing more? Why can’t there be a studio based class, available to everyone, that is practice based and allows the student to learn through experimentation and making of content with focus on a specific topic?

And so it is. 

Dancing with Devices had it’s first iteration at the Pieter Space in Los Angeles in 2015.  It is now at NYU TISCH School of the Arts Dance Department's Dance and New Media concentration and will be in workshops in Boston & NYC in 2015/16. 

 360 degree composition for photography class, NYU Tisch 2016

360 degree composition for photography class, NYU Tisch 2016

About the course

Dancing with Devices is a studio based dance and new media lab to learn how to use and move devices with bodies, to move minds.

It is designed for:

dancer people who are interested in new media

dancer people who want to expand their technological practice 

dancer people who want to practice dancing for the camera

people with specific technology projects that work with dance


wild artists

video geeks




anyone who thinks they might just have fun…

Dancing with Devices is an exploratory movement and practiced based experience for filming dance, and being filmed as a dancer or for working with movement based technology systems using ipads, go pro cameras, laptops, cell phones, coding for kinect, ricoh theta, isadora and or whatever device you choose or is in your pocket.

 reviewing footage, Pieter 2015

reviewing footage, Pieter 2015

The course is based on play and experience based immersive learning. 

 working with light workshop at Pieter, 2015

working with light workshop at Pieter, 2015

Students will receive a weekly video tutorial to be viewed prior to class that informs the lab practice. 

Participants warm up with exploratory movement for all bodies, all levels, after which they move with their devices to explore the topic of the week through scores, prompts, tasks or strategies and make a film or media capture in groups or solo to walk out the door with.

 choreographing the camera class at NYU Tisch, 2015

choreographing the camera class at NYU Tisch, 2015

Class is offered as a series that will focus on the following concepts:

  • composing shots 
  • time, space, speed/pacing and trajectory
  • choreographing the camera & 
  • directing dancers
  • steady cam effects: wagons, roller skates and office chairs
  • working with light, white balance, iso, exposure, natural vs. tungsten
  • sound: dancing sound, filming for sound, wild sound, foley. room tone 
  • multiple cameras, getting coverage, shooting for the edit
  • designing with dance
  • interactive coding for kinect
  • projectors
  • screens
  • bodyplay
  • composition for 360 degree vide and photographs
 360 degree video class at NYU Tisch, 2015

360 degree video class at NYU Tisch, 2015



 Sound workshop at Pieter, 2015

Sound workshop at Pieter, 2015